London Short Stay Apartments

Enjoy First Class Services at Reasonable Prices with London Short Stay Apartments

The grand London city is renowned for its rich history, interesting cultural beliefs, mesmerizing scenic beauty and diversity. This capital city of England is mainly located on the River Thames and its estimated population is 8,278,251. London city has now transformed into one of the biggest metropolitan areas and the estimated population of the London metropolitan area ranges between 12 million to 14 million. According to the statistical reports, London has been the largest city of the world since 1831 to 1925. This grand city is also one of the biggest financial centers of the United Kingdom.

Millions of tourists from different corners of the word visit the grand London city every year because it consists of four World Heritage Sites. They are Kew Gardens, St Margaret’s Church, The tower of London, The Palace of Westminster and the Westminster Abbey. There are many other iconic landmarks that are located within the London city and they are The London Eye, Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace, Piccadilly Circus, the Shard and Trafalgar Square. Well, if you want, you can consider celebrating your next vacations in the London city with your friends and family.

London offers various lodging options to its tourists like world class hotels, service apartments, short stay accommodation, flats, rental houses and guest houses. London serviced apartments are known for offering first class services to the visitors at fair prices. You can consider accommodating in these short stay serviced apartments while being on a short trip to London. Make sure that you plan out your financial resources carefully and opt for the right sized apartment according to your needs.